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Crater Moon: Rugs & Soft Goods

✨Customized 18x24" Velveteen Mushroom Portrait Tapestry✨

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The time has come to create your very own customized mushroom lady! 
If you've been following my work, you'll recognize my unique style of mushroom lady which became popular in handmade rug form, now upgraded to vibrant sublimated velveteen in an 18x24" tapestry!

From now until the New Year I will be working on a limited quantity of 45 Customized Velveteen Mushroom Portraits💕 (currently 35 left after waitlist customers were prioritized). The popularity of this product has already been overwhelming, so order now! 

The customization should be a breeze, but feel free to hit the chat button if you need help. Mirror selfie can be submitted later by replying to your confirmation email. Thank you so much for your support!!

To be printed on the back of the custom mushroom portrait, Example: your name.
Enter the mushroom cap # from the photos in listing.
Enter the color palette # from the photos in listing.
Please note any desired changes for the selected palette.
Example 1: Palette #7 and replace the yellow with white.
Example 2: I'd like to use the color palette #7, but please replace the yellow with the light pink color in #19.
I understand that I need to respond to order confirmation email with a mirror selfie.
1. Wear a bikini or lingerie in a solid color. Or your bday suit!
2. Make sure neck and shoulders are visible.
3. Bonus points for using a strong light source!
4. If in doubt, check out my videos for a good example of how to take your photo.
5. Please let me know if there are any body parts that I should cover, emphasize, or de-emphasize. I want you to love your portrait!
Example 1: Hide the scar on my leg
Example 2: Enlarge boobies slightly
Example 3: Make waist more snatched
Ps. on the iPhone mail app, you can attach a photo on the new email by a long touch in the body of the email. Hit the arrow on the right of the pop up box and you'll see "insert photo or video"