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Crater Moon: Rugs & Soft Goods

⏳(Not sold out) WAITLIST 🗓️ for Future Customized Velveteen Mushroom Portrait Tapestry✨

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Click the "NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE" button on the left side of this page to get an email when I release the next batch of Custom Velveteen Portraits in January 2024!
To be printed on the back of the custom mushroom portrait, Example: your name.
Enter the mushroom cap # from the photos in listing.
Enter the color palette # from the photos in listing.
Please note any desired changes for the selected palette.
Example 1: Palette #7 and replace the yellow with white.
Example 2: I'd like to use the color palette #7, but please replace the yellow with the light pink color in #19.
I understand that I need to respond to order confirmation email with a mirror selfie.
1. Wear a bikini or lingerie in a solid color. Or your bday suit!
2. Make sure neck and shoulders are visible.
3. Bonus points for using a strong light source!
4. If in doubt, check out my videos for a good example of how to take your photo.
5. Please let me know if there are any body parts that I should cover, emphasize, or de-emphasize. I want you to love your portrait!
Example 1: Hide the scar on my leg
Example 2: Enlarge boobies slightly
Example 3: Make waist more snatched
Ps. on the iPhone mail app, you can attach a photo on the new email by a long touch in the body of the email. Hit the arrow on the right of the pop up box and you'll see "insert photo or video"